stefano della bella

accountant, statutory auditor
stefanostefano della bella studied at bergamo “università degli studi” and he is registered is registered with the order of chartered accountants of lecco. he is experienced in administration, accounting and taxation of smes, corporate reorganization, extraordinary transactions and mergers & acquisitions, restructuring, management of corporate crises, insolvency, company law, protection of heritage, generational change. he is a technical advocate at tax commissions where he deals with tax litigation. he is also a tax law expert. stefano is the statutory auditor in public institutions as well, besides being a member of audit committees and curator at the court of lecco.
stefano della bella achieved a master’s degree in:
  • tax litigation;
  • tax law;
  • international tax law;
  • corporate reorganization and bankruptcy proceedings;
  • wealth management – wealth engineering.
as well as the following qualifications:
  • the conduct of a professional accountant;
  • the conduct of the statutory auditor of accounts.