legal services

lawyer lorenzo della bella has achieved the following master degrees:
– corporate law;
– bankruptcy law and insolvency proceedings;
– law and tax litigation;
and the below stated qualifications:
– legal practice performance;
– company mediator practitioner
– civil mediator practitioner;
– certificate of registration within the condominium administrator italian organization.

the practice offers advice during pre-litigation phase, and specifically:
– assistance in the drafting of letters, agreements, contracts, notices, recesses, instances in general;
– mandatory or optional civil mediation according to law decrees 28 / 2010 and 69 / 2013;
– assisted negotiation according to the law decree 132 / 2014 enforced into law 162 / 2014;
– conciliation before the banking and finance arbitrator (baf) former art.128 bis tub as introduced by law n. 262 / 2005;
– tax transactions art.182-ter l.f.;
– court dispute settlement;
and in any other alternative method of dispute resolution (adr) as well as in the drafting of agreements and transactions in general.

in the case of failure of the dispute prevention, we phase provide assistance in the litigation phase of first instance or appeal for both the creditor and the debtor:
– quote or appeal in civil matters;
– appeal or burden in labour law;
– quote or appeal the right of leases (notice of end of lease and eviction, eviction for non-payment, precept for release, dislodgement)
– administrative or social security appeal;
– summons, appeals, instances or acts in criminal matters;
– monitory appeal (payment and delivery injunctions, precepts);
– brief statement to the proceedings former art.702 bis c.p.c.;
– enforcement proceedings (personal seizures, property or third party seizure) and / or opposition to execution or implementing acts;
– appeal, insinuation, impugnation and claim in bankruptcy and insolvency proceedings in general such as: agreement with creditors, in continuity if needed, bankruptcy agreement, reorganization plan, debt restructuring plan agreement;
– ordinary and extraordinary appeals.

assistance on all precautionary, conservative, urgent or preventive education actions is offered, such as:
– seizure (judicial or conservative);
– appeal former art. 700 c.p.c.;
– technical assessment or judicial inspection ex art.696 c.p.c.;
– preventive technical consultancy (atp) ex art.696-bis c.p.c.;
– action for possession defence ex art.1168 comm. code et seq.;
– effectiveness of the judgment suspension former art.283 c.p.c.;
– judicial or injunctions orders in general.

the legal area promotes and accompanies individuals, smes, and corporations in general even in binding or informal arbitration proceedings before any private arbitration panel or before the competent arbitral house for the territory.

customers are offered real estate management service under all kind of profile, through the condominium administration.

– criminal tax law: defence of the prosecuted/ charged in criminal proceedings for the offenses envisaged and punished under d. lgs 74/2000;
– bankruptcy criminal law: defence of the suspect / charged in the crimes provided for and punished under articles 216 and following of the bankruptcy law royal decree 267/1942;
– common criminal law, which includes, inter alia, crimes against property;
– tax law: taxpayer assistance in the tax audit carried out by the guardia di finanza and / or the revenue agency; representation and defence of the taxpayer before the tax justice bodies.